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Simplifying Wine

Updated: Jan 6, 2023

Photo - Emma Paillex

Seems the more I talk to people about wine, the more I learn. Seems obvious, but even the greenest of wine drinkers seem to be able to impart me with knowledge of some sort.

In one of my other lives as a business coach and mentor I talk a lot about purpose and finding a “why” and it got me thinking about our businesses why and the reason for its existence.

We initially set out to have some fun, and hopefully make some drinkable wine. When we thought about it a bit more, we really wanted people to drink more wine, be it ours or somebody else’s. See we love drinking wine, and we love a chat, so the two seemed to go together and mark the beginning of a so-called business plan. We then set about a mission of de mystifying wine, we invite people to be a part of the process, making it, bottling it, and coming together and drinking and enjoying it. Simple really.

We continue our mission and in everything we do, we try to first and foremost have some fun, make things simple, look after each other, the land we're lucky to be on, and things should be pretty right.

So here’s our tips to keeping it simple:

  • Wine’s for everybody, there’s so many different styles you can have a bunch of fun trying to find your favourite

  • Varietal is important, but place is vital, just ask some of our mates still making Sav Blanc! There's actually a lot more to this point than my flippant comments

  • Wine people are awesome people, fun, friendly and love to talk about wine, just ask them, even in a restaurant, but especially at a small independent bottle shop

  • Try different stuff, what’s the worst that can happen? add it to your risotto or pasta if you don’t like it

  • Don’t be scared, wine doesn’t bite, a lot of winery equipment does though!

  • If you run into any trouble, white wine is for fish and red wine is for steak, and sherry is for Nana, unless you’re Spanish , this point is actually a joke, hopefully you got it

  • Give it a crack, it’s heaps of fun

Photo credit - Emma Paillex

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