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2021 pinot noir

Don't be put off by the label, our winemaker/frustrated graphic deign artist has been at it again!

Sourced from the same 16 rows in the Merricks vineyard for the past 4 years, this one is a favourite.

We try and make this to pair with bloody any food, hell you could even have a bottle before dinner!  It's light enough to starve off the nasty hangovers, but still full of awesome cherry and lighter fruits.


Screen Shot 2022-10-06 at 9.51.59 am.png

2017 pinot noir

Don't be put off by our label, this one rocks!

2017 in the valley was a good one and what they were calling traditional, here's where I won't go on and on about what that meant.

All I'll say is a good cold soaking before ferment, some whole bunch and new oak action sees this looking great, buy some, dare ya!

2021 shiraz rosè

The Rosè  for red wine drinkers continues

Sourced from the premium cool climate Shiraz vineyard in Dromana on the Mornington Peninsula,  These grapes were kissed by our press and ever so lightly drawn out from their berry homes. Straight to barrel and fermented slowly and delicately until we had to stop the crew from drinking it all, AGAIN!


It's a different Rosè, lots of body, does really well lightly chilled, and goes with a BBQ out on the grass with a bunch of friends.

Oh and people are still collecting the bloody cool bottle it comes in!


2020 chardonnay

The last of the Yarra Valley years!


French style, but English speaking, this light Chardonnay still packs a punch with some oak and bottle ageing.


We love this, absolutely smashable anytime of the year, served chilled it's got slight citrus tones, but still with some Yarra Chardonnay weight and balance.

Not much left, get into it.


2020 mornington shiraz

The Shiraz everyone asks about.

As naturally and as simply as we could, we squashed some great looking shiraz grapes.  We took some awesome photos that looked like bloodied hands and we sat this in some new oak for about a year.

We then took it out and had sip, asked around and everyone said we want it! So here it is.

Screen Shot 2022-10-06 at 9.50.46 am.png

2018 mornington peninsula pinot noir

Our first wine from the new winery, and we reckon a cracka year!

We hand picked, hand pressed and hand bottled it.  We mortgaged everything to buy new oak and we let it do its natural thing.

No wine talk here, this one is light but still full of flavour, be quick there's literally only a couple of bottles left!

Front hero shot.jpg

2021 mornington shiraz

Our go at cool climate shiraz continues into 2021, made from the same vineyard as our Rosè, this one still needs a bit of time.

If you've tried the 2020, and if you haven't why not?, then you'll love this one just as much to match with the meats off the barbie.

Jump in and pre-order this one 'cause we only made a single barrel and it will go quick in Feb 2023 when the postie brings it out to you.

Screen Shot 2022-10-06 at 9.49.25 am.png

2021 chardonnay

This one is not quite ready just yet.

But if you loved the 2020 chard and you're. a bit of a fan of the lighter, easily drinkable chardonnay's , then this is the lady for you!

We only made 2 barrels, so if you feel inclined pre-order now, so in Jan of 23 we can send you some.

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