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About Us

Mr Velvet Ears Wine Company

Mr Velvet Ears was born from a love of wine, food, dogs, laughing your ass off and having a good time with great people. We're about having fun, leaning into it, trying new stuff and getting as many people as we can, to do the same.

The 2018 vintage was the first we produced on our own farm, and now we have an even bigger group of trusted suppliers and friends.  We've  continued to produce and expand gradually, and that's the way we like it. 

In 2020 we bought a new plot of land and our plan is to plant our own vines some time soon, we're still working on our soil, and as naturally possible, restoring the area to its original state.  In the mean time, we'll continue to source grapes from our trusted growing mates on the amazing Mornington Peninsula.

We're so lucky to have so many great people continue to help us out on our wine journey. It really is an amazing industry to be a part of.  We love it, and we hope you will too.

The Actual Mr Velvet Ears

He was our dog and everyone who met him said his ears were as soft as velvet.  

When it came time to give things a name, nothing seemed to fit better.  

Of course things move on, and we have too, sort of.  Miss Lola joined us in early 2020 and continues to make us laugh each and every day.

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