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wine lists and what to make of them

Today's wine lists can be as intimidating as bouncer on the door of a nightclub you shouldn't be going into.

However, getting it right can take you to super hero status at a table of thirsty friends and family. I think there's a couple of ways to tackle it;

  1. Look for something you vaguely recognise

  2. Keep an eye on the right hand side (price)

  3. Don't order the cheapest or the most expensive

  4. The 2nd cheapest wine is the best seller, and where you would put wine you have a lot to sell (if you know what I mean)

  5. Ask a question or two, but be careful of recommendations (they normally centre around point 4, or involve a discussion around budget which can be awkward

  6. Ask the table what they like and what they think they might eat

  7. Don't go big, try and stick with non offensive wines, wines like a pinot gris and reds like a cab sav

And as my best mate always reminds me, when you're splitting a bottle amongst a couple of you, don't be afraid to go a little higher priced than if it was you and your other half.

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