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Yep another super special, this time a Shiraz pack, which is so cheap it's like it fell off the back of a ute, which it almost did, but that's another story.


We do a cool climate Shiraz down here on the Peninsula, so it's not going to have you reaching for the Panadol and Diet Coke in the morning.  It still packs a punch with slightly lighter tannins and a mouth feel which just begs you to follow it up with chocolate.


A mix of our 2020  Mornington Peninsula Shiraz, made to drink on those freezing WInter nights, pretending it's all not that bad.  It smooth, fuller bodied wine with hints 


We also have the 2021 Shiraz, from the same vineyard, picked a little bit earlier, hell of a year 21, as promises not to evoke memories of lockdowns and face masks.  Drinking well now and well into the next <insert your footy team here> premiership.


We need to make room for some new kit so we have to move some boxes, hence the remarkably surprising price!

6 of the 20 and 6 of the 21, in a plain unmarked cardboard box for the ridiculous price of $199.

Special Shiraz Pack

$348.00 Regular Price
$199.00Sale Price
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