Loads of poeple ask which wines they should buy, and our answer of "lots" is starting to wear a bit thin.  So we thought we'd put together another special Mixed Tasting 6 pack:


3 Bottles of the ever popular and easily smashable, 2018 Mornington Peninsula Pinot Noir


2 Bottles of the infamous, for all the right reasons, 2018 Heathcote Shiraz


1 Bottle of the amazingly popular "experiment that went horribly right"

2020 Shiraz Rosè - " Described by cellar rats everywhere as "a rosè for red wine drinkers"


All of the above delievered by the postie that rocks to your door for the rididuclous $185!


Let us know if you want the full tasting notes, we'll make them up, spin a few yarns and shoot them through, maybe.

Winter Mixed 6 Pack